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Belgian clubs will win a good prize thanks to the European Cup: here are the figures! – All football

For the first time in a long time, Belgium has five representatives in the European Cup. Antwerp will obviously accept the Champions League check, but the other Pro League clubs will also receive a major European prize.

What amounts will Belgian clubs receive in the European Cup? For the first time in a long time our country has five representatives in the European groups. Antwerp will obviously take the big check from the Champions League, but the other Pro League clubs will also receive a significant prize.

This season, UEFA has planned a total prize pool of no less than two billion euros (!) for the Champions League participants. This means that the Grand Old Man will receive 14.8 million euros, or 840,000 euros less than before the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, each club receives a bonus according to its coefficient, which is equivalent to €2.27M for number 1.

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To this we must add the television rights. For this, Antwerp will receive around 3 million euros, bringing the total to around 20 million euros. A victory in C1 brings 2.8 million euros, a share of 930,000 euros. In case of qualification for the round of 16, Antwerp will receive a new transfer of… 9.6 million euros!

What about the Union, Bruges, Ghent and Genk?

Obviously, the situation is different in other European competitions. The Union will receive 3.4 million euros in participation bonus, 1.71 million euros in coefficient bonus and 1.5 million euros in television rights, for a total of 6.6 million euros. A victory in the Europa League represents 630,000 euros, a distribution of approximately 200,000 euros. The unionists will receive 2 million euros if they win their group, half if they finish second.

In the Conference League, the initial amount for each club is 2.8 million euros. We must add the coefficient bonuses (€1.32M for Bruges, €1.23M for Ghent, €700,000 for Genk) and television rights, estimated at €1M for Bruges and Ghent and €500,000 for Genk. Therefore, the total endowment will be around 5 million euros, without counting possible qualifications.

Additional prize pool in the Conference League

1/16 final: €300,000

1/8 final: €600,000

Quarterfinals: €1,000,000

Semifinals: €2,000,000

Final: €3,000,000

Winner: +€2,000,000

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