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Avatar 2 screening canceled in Japan due to lack of projection technology

Avatar Image: Spirit of Water. Photo: Europa Press.

theatrical release ofAvatar: Spirit of Watersome have failed japan cinema new movie of not being high tech James Cameron for your screening.

sequel toAvatar‘ (2009) uses high frame rate technology (HFR, for its short form in English) in some of his scenes. As a result, they can be reproduced 48 frames per second, bearing in mind that Standard Breeding it is 24 frames per second (fps), this doubling indicates that it improves the viewing quality and allows these parts of the feature film to do more real,

Although this technique is not newSince it has been implemented in other films, such as ‘the hobbit‘, the director peter jacksonThis allows filmmaker James Cameron to quicken the pace. speed action scenewhile those in which they are conversation give the impression of being relatively slow,

As recently reported, after the premiere of the ‘Avatar’ sequel in cinemas around the world, some cinemas in Japan have seen He was forced to cancel his screening, this happened because technical reasonsas upgraded Bloomberg,

because of that three-dimensional format higher frame rates, which is needed fast processing large amount of information, some movie theaters they haven’t been able to release the tapes because they don’t have a system that can support them technology Required by feature film.

At the moment, it is unknown what causes cancellation of mass screeningHowever, by this means they suggest that a cinema in a Japanese city Nagoya was able to play the movie by passing 48 frames per second standard format, ie, for traditional 24fps in the cinema.

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