Friday, September 22, 2023

“At the Huma festival there were not only people from the left, there was also Fabien Roussel”

The Day of Humanity, organized by the newspaper of the same name since 1930, took place on the weekend from Friday, September 15 to Sunday, September 17 in Essonne. This great meeting of the left did not escape the attention of Alex Vizorek…

The latter welcomes the diversity of the political figures present: “At the Huma festival there were not only left-wing people, Fabien Roussel was also there“, jokes the comedian. He jokes about this festive event: “It’s a kind of ephemeral Disneyland for anti-capitalists with Bolshevik tendencies, very few people from RTL” were present.

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The columnist also mentioned Fabien Roussel’s shot at the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup, which speaks of “his kiffrancia” face au spectacle proposed by Jean Dujardin, accusé de renvoyer une image assez traditionnelle du countries. Alex Vizorek a pris le temps d’explainer aux auditeurs de RTL à quoi faisait référence l’ancien candidat à l’élection présidentielle : “In fact, is a allusion to the Naps song, La kiffance“.

Furthermore, regarding the difficulties in feeding oneself due to the inflation of food products, Alex Vizorek compares the phrase attributed to Marie Antoinette “Are people hungry? Well, let them eat brioche”, with that uttered by the Minister of Commerce, Olivia. Grégoire, she could have pronounced, according to him: “Well, let them learn how to make rice salad with leftovers. “In fact, the minister announced the creation of cooking classes in schools to combat rising food prices.

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