Saturday, June 3, 2023

Application of technology in the health sector: seeing is more than seeing – Forbes Spain

inclusion of technology based tools has allowed improve the quality of life of the peopleat the same time they have Driven many advances In an infinite number of directions to get objective information on variables we didn’t even know about before. Among others, the detection of tiny biometric details that become indicators of diseases is a much earlier step. this is a development that is taking place slowly in all areas in general Over the years, with a few ‘run over’ exceptions. This is the case of the pandemic and the health sector, when COVID-19 has put people’s lives at the center stage and the need to promote technological development. For example, through a combination of technology, process automation, digitization, big Data And 3D, we managed to perfect solutions that help experts assess visual skills and abilities with much greater accuracy and in much less time, which were unimaginable to achieve until now.

I regard technology as the means that helps us prosper, be more competitive, and enable people to universally communicate all improvements in health care, a process that years ago would have been very difficult to conceptualize. Was. Imagine a face-to-face video call with an expert, who is monitoring health status through a smart watch.

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