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Antoine Griezmann the player to ‘float’ in all regions of France in Qatar 2022

“I’m already thinking about Sunday. It won’t be an easy match against Argentina, but we know how they play,” Antoine Griezmann said hours after facing Albiceleste in the grand final. Qatar 2022, And it is that the opportunity given to him to win a second World Cup in a row is something only those players have more than luck.

since the beginning of world cup qatar 2022The world press focused on Kylian Mbappe because he was the main weapon of attack France in the tournament. The PSG star has done what he wanted on the wing with five goals from the group stage to the semi-finals. He also targeted Olivier Giroud, who left out Karim Benzema.

However, what was done by Griezmann in recent weeks France national team It even puts it on the same level as Mbappe, albeit with a lower profile. The ‘Little Prince’ has been the profile of a secondary actor at the World Cup, a perfect companion to the main elements who aim for a happy ending in this film if they keep level against Argentina.

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Antoine Griezmann’s contribution to the French national team

In this edition of the World Cup, the Atlético de Madrid player does not have the primary task of scoring goals. What’s more, so far in the World Cup, the former striker has not scored goals even for Barcelona and Real Sociedad.

The talk of ‘Grizzy’ goes further. With Mbappe, Giroud and Ousmane Dembele as the starting trident at the top, coach Didier Deschamps gave him a further development task with more freedom on all fronts. Thus, he floats between the first line of midfielders where Aurélien Tchoumeny is placed, while he periodically alternates with Adrien Rabiot.

It displays this in every area of ​​the court; From making clean starts on the field in corner kicks for his team, to appearing in the final meters to assist his teammates.

Beyond the fact that Choumeni is the main man to recover the ball from the current world champion, antoine griezmann This is the first collaboration in this work. The image of Gerard Pique is already etched in the memory when they both played together at Barca, in which the Spanish centre-back demanded the commitment of the Spanish central defender to clear the ball with some ease in the middle. Fight, press and run with the first support sign to recapture it. relentless. His team’s first recruit in defensive matters.

Facing Morocco in the semi-finals, he was in every aspect on the field. He moved into his own area to recover balls, he dropped more in the middle to become a substitute in search of escape routes, relief and on the opposite goal, he created spaces and in the final meters he ‘dunked’ For the decider against the surprising team Valide Regargui (2-0 final). Keys by all means.

your number? the destroyer. Against Morocco, he made 21 successful passes, four of which were crucial on dangerous plays. Three clearances and two interceptions were the balance for his goal defense, while he won six of the bottom ten doubles and two of the jumpers.

In attack, the ball also passes the Frenchman, leaving Kylian Mbappe breathless at times. Ingenuity, creativity and association with the above has seen him add three assists ahead of the final on Sunday, 18 December. I work in silence in contribution to the collective. Luka Modric’s France national team, Why not? Hyperbola.

It won’t be easy against the Argentina of Lionel Messi and Julián Alvarez (another who does the work of an ant). It is very difficult to break lock when facing wonders like Rodrigo de Paul, Cristian Romero and Nicolás Otamendi, players who not only work hard on the ball but also ‘hit’ it. Although, antoine griezmann is the key to open the scoreboard. You have not just one, but several copies in your pocket. It is through him that he breaks the siege of Albiceleste. Will be given ?

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