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Anthony Delon, moved by an image of his father, gives his news: “I saw him yesterday”

By Bertrand Bielle

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Anthony Delon, invited this Monday to “Clique” to talk about his book “Between Dog and Wolf”, was moved by an image of his father that gave a lot of talk. He then gave news of the immense actor.

Anthony Delon, Moved By An Image Of His Father, Gives His News: “I Saw Him Yesterday”

Anthony Delon in “Clique.” daily movement

The rest after the announcement.

in his book Between dog and wolfpublished on March 10, 2022 by Editions du Cherche Midi and republished in paperback format by Editions Points, Anthony Delon tells it all: his childhood, his youth, his family… A work to which he returned this Monday, September 18 on Click, before Mouloud Achour broadcasts on screen, after a few minutes of interview, a compilation of the actor’s highlights on social networks.

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Then, the opportunity arose for the people working on the program to publish an Instagram post dating back to last December, which caused many reactions among Internet users at the time. It is a video in which we see his famous father Alain Delon, whom he films, answering his questions. “Look at me… What do you see?” asks Anthony Delon in particular. To which The Cheetah responds: “I see Un Delon…”. A phrase followed by a wonderful sequence in which we can hear father and son laugh.

He’s doing pretty well

A broad smile then appears on Alain Delon’s face. A video that still seems to move his son a lot. “I see him smile, I like it….”, just reacted on Clique upon seeing this post again. It must be said that Alain Delon has been going through quite difficult times lately. In fact, on July 6, the Montargis prosecutor’s office opened an investigation, after they presented complaints: complaint filed by Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien Delon against Hiromi Rollin, the partner of their father Alain Delon, a complaint to which Alain Delon joined.

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The children of the sacred monster of French cinema filed this lawsuit for “abuse of weakness”, “moral harassment”, “violence against vulnerable people” and “violence against animals”, as Anthony Delon has just explained in Clique. The actor then gave news of his father, at the request of Mouloud Achour, explaining that he saw him yesterday and that they no longer talk “about this story.” Regarding his physical and mental state: “He’s doing pretty well“. This is enough to reassure his fans.

The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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