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An omitted detail in Maxime’s past risks changing everything in Indefensible

While in a delicate situation, investigator Maxime (Mathieu Baron) realizes that his situation could be much more complicated than he imagined, since he failed to reveal a crucial detail of his past to Marianne (Anne-élisabeth Bossé). ), who, as a lawyer and lover, is already very worried about him.

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Indeed, while the lawyers at the Lapointe-MacDonald firm prepare for the worst in Maxime’s case and in the investigation of his actions during the shooting, his lover discovers that he has already received an ethical reprimand.

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In the past, during an altercation that went wrong, the investigator was unable to control his violence while defending his then-partner from an attacker. At that moment the situation worsened and four people had to intervene to force him to let go.

As a result, he was punished for excessive use of force, a fact that risks further complicating his already problematic case.

Furthermore, at the end of Monday’s episode, in addition to the worrying threats hanging over the investigator, viewers discovered that Maxime’s lawyers were going to have to face none other than Me Biron (Marie-Laurence Lévesque).

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Screenshot / Indefensible

The rest of the events promise to be full of comings and goings.

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