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Alain Delon affair: Anthony gives news of his father

Delon Affair: Hiromi Rollin files a complaint in turn

“We saw each other yesterday. “We don’t talk about this story anymore,” explains Anthony Delon, who adds that his father is “quite” well. Asked if they still laugh together, he answers: “Yesterday, yes, a little bit. » Exchange of laughter over a pizza meal together.

If he no longer talks about it with his father, Anthony Delon returned to the current court case with Mouloud Achour. “There are two different complaints, mine and that of the rest of the family that I signed in solidarity. I established these allegations for two years,” said Anouchka’s half-brother, Alain-Fabien Delon. “Two years ago I witnessed something. My father had an accident, he fell and this woman didn’t call anyone, not my sister, not my brother, not me. At noon we learned that she was taking blood thinners because she suffered a stroke (in 2019, editor’s note), as everyone knows. She got seven stitches (Anthony draws a line on her forehead with his finger, editor’s note). »

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The 58-year-old actor added: “She (Hiromi Rollin) called the emergency room, thought he was going to die, they took him to the hospital, he spent the night in the hospital and the next day at noon. By chance, my sister called and he told her: ‘I’m in the hospital’ (…). There I understood that something was wrong. »

The investigation continues

From there, Anthony Delon recorded everything that “happened” with the help of the police, before filing two complaints in early July: the first, filed by the brothers, refers to acts of “moral harassment, misappropriation correspondence and animal abuse. abuse” inside the 87-year-old actor’s property in Douchy. The actor’s dog, an old Malinois named Loubo, is said to have suffered beatings. The second, presented by Anthony Delon in a Parisian police station, refers to acts of moral harassment, violence against vulnerable people and abuse of weakness.

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The Montargis prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation on July 6. Hiromi Rollin has since denied the allegations against her. The woman who claims to be the companion, and not the lady-in-waiting, of the actor, saw his home on the outskirts of Paris searched on July 26. She was then heard by investigators, before in turn filing a complaint against Alain Delon’s three children “for violence at meetings”, “slanderous complaint and theft”.

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