Friday, September 29, 2023

AI generates fake nudes of teenagers in Spain

A dozen young people filed a complaint in Spain after being victims of the distribution of fake nude images generated by an artificial intelligence application, a case that generated great controversy in the country.

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“We have received eleven reports of minor victims” in the town of Almendralejo (southwest), a police spokesperson told AFP.

The alleged authors of these images, some of whom have been identified, “manipulated photographs of underage girls” to place their faces on the “(naked) bodies of other people,” he added.

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According to another police source, these false images were generated using an artificial intelligence (AI) application, capable of making very realistic photomontages.

The investigation was opened for an alleged crime of invasion of privacy. The prosecution told AFP that the crime of child pornography could also be charged, given the age of the victims.

According to Spanish media, around twenty young people could have been victims of these manipulated photographs.

The mother of one of the victims, Miriam Al Adib, denounced a “misfortune” on Instagram. “When I got home, one of my daughters told me with enormous disgust “look what they have done” (..) They took a photo of her and edited it as if she were naked (…) with the help of intelligence.

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He stated that the police had told him that these photographs could have been posted online on the “Onlyfans” platform or on “pornographic sites.”

Another mother told Spanish public television TVE that the images had been used as a means of blackmail to obtain money from her daughter.

AI is causing growing concern around the world because this technology can be used for malicious purposes, such as deepfake pornography.

According to a 2019 study by Dutch artificial intelligence company Sensity, 96% of fake videos online are non-consensual pornography and the majority of them depict women.

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