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After more than a year and 61 episodes, the longest fight in anime history is finally over

News Culture After more than a year and 61 episodes, the longest fight in anime history is finally over

Published on 09/18/2023 at 5:30 p.m.

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It took a year and 61 episodes to reach the end of this legendary fight. This is the longest combined battle of any anime.

Spoiler attention!

This article contains material set in the final episodes of One Piece.

Luffy VS Kaido: the longest fight ! It was on September 17 when One Piece episode 1076 aired. The latter is the conclusion of a long and fierce battle between Straw Hat and Kaido. In recent weeks, fans have also been able to discover the true nature of their Devil Fruit with the Gear 5. It is, in fact, the physical representation of the Sun God: Nika. This part of the Wano arc also featured some plot twists. However, it remains the longest fight in anime history: 61 episodes and over a year. Some Twitter users, like @kaneda471, also had fun making statistics compared to other Japanese animated series to visualize the duration.

This act is also part of the Wano Land Saga. This is the longest arc of the entire One Piece work, which is separated into 3 acts. Contains 149 chapters and thus dethrones the previous record: the arch pink dress who was 102.

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Other One Piece albums

One Piece was created by Eiichiro Oda in 1997. Since then, the manga and anime have gained a large following. In more than 25 years, the story of Straw Hat Luffy dreaming of greatness has also broken some records. Japanese comics are, for example, the best-selling comics in history. As of August 2022, it had more than 516 million copies in circulation in more than 61 countries.

Lately, it is Netflix’s live-action series that have delighted the public. In 10 episodes of about fifty minutes, the series covers the first ten volumes of One Piece (up to the Arlong arc). Presenting Iñaki Godoy In the role of a young pirate, she was a big surprise for many viewers. Notably, the television show rose to first place in the Top 10 in 84 countries during its first week of broadcast. A few days ago, Netflix also renewed the live-action for season 2.

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