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adamari lopez shows her ass in a string thong while they give her a massage – la vibra

Puerto Rican actress and presenter Adamari López left all her fans speechless when she recorded herself giving him a rearguard massage and published the video on her Instagram stories.

These massages have become very popular among public figures to perfect their buttocks, tone up and reduce cellulite. In this sense, the presenter of the Telemundo program “Hoy diya” published a video while he gave her one of these famous massages.

Adamari is shown lying on a spa table topless while professionals massage her buttocks, The artist showed past his guard in only a black string thong.

Without a doubt, Adamari Lopez enjoys whatever makes her look good and feel good, which is why she started her healthy life with a daily exercise routine. This is how she managed to lose weight and this is the way she maintains her figure.

In her personal life she is happy, taking care of her daughter Alaya, the result of her relationship with dancer Tony Costa, with whom she had a long relationship.

Despite the fact that Adamari and Tony end their relationship, they maintain a cordial relationship as parents for Alaya’s sake. The two get along well, with Tony having a relationship with model Evelyn Beltrán and Adamari focused on his work. However, there is a lot of rumor regarding the reasons that led to their separation.

Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa |  Mezcalente

Adari had recently revealed about her breakup with Tony. She said that she was living in a situation which she was not ready to tolerate.

“It happened that we could not continue, it was not healthy for me to remain in a relationship where there was a pattern that kept repeating itself and that I could not allow, I could not set that example for my daughter I don’t want to set that example for my daughter”, he said during ‘Today’.

Despite the fact that the relationship ended, Adamri said that they are still family and stay together for the sake of their daughter.

“Maybe they’ve done what they had to do in time, they gave me the greatest gift I have, which is my daughter, and I thank them so much. We’re still family because our There is a daughter that connects us. Whatever happened remains between the two of us, he knows full well the reason why, I know too, and the important thing is that we take our daughter forward and we Let’s each move on with their lives,” Lopez said.

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