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According to scientific studies, this distance to travel is crucial to lose weight effectively.

© Cambodia Post – According to scientific studies, this distance to travel is crucial to lose weight effectively

Numerous Scientific studies have shown the benefits of walking on our health to lose weight..

In fact, practicing this physical activity regularly not only improves our physical condition, but also prevents and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, as well as many other health problems.

In addition, walking facilitates the elimination of toxins and helps strengthen bones and muscles.

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An optimal distance to lose weight effectively #

There is a key number you need to know to fully benefit from the benefits of walking for weight loss. According to the latest research, it is recommended walk between 6,000 and 10,000 steps per day to achieve significant results in the fight against excess weight.

This distance corresponds to approximately 5 kilometers and should be done daily to see improvements.

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The crucial role of the 10,000 steps #

This recommendation is based in particular on a study conducted by Japanese researchers in the 1960swho concluded that walking 10,000 steps each day was essential to maintaining a healthy body mass index (BMI).

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This figure has since been widely adopted and considered a universal recommendation for walking.

Experts assure that the physical and health benefits of this practice are real: Reduction of stress, improvement of blood circulation, strengthening of muscles and bones.etc

In addition, walking 10,000 steps also ensures a good balance between the energy our body consumes and that provided by our diet. This is even more crucial in a society where sedentary lifestyle is increasing and gourmet temptations are omnipresent.

Tips to achieve this goal every day and lose weight#

To include walking in your daily routine and thus lose weight effectively, here are some tips that you should put into practice:

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1. Small actions count

First of all, don’t underestimate the importance of small daily actions to reach 10,000 steps. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off a bus stop earlier, or take advantage of your lunch break to take a walk around the workplace.

Every additional step counts towards achieving this goal..

2. Distribute efforts throughout the day#

You don’t need to try to accumulate all your steps in a single daily walk: Spreading this activity throughout the day is, on the contrary, more beneficial. Several periods of walking allow you to regularly exercise your metabolism and, therefore, optimize energy expenditure.

3. Use a pedometer or a dedicated app.

Having a pedometer or a tracking application on your smartphone can be very useful to measure the progress of your efforts and motivate you to continue on this path. You will be able to adjust your program depending on the day and easily see your progress.

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Adapt according to your needs and desires to lose weight #

It is important to remember that each individual has specific needs when it comes to weight loss and overall health. Therefore, you should not hesitate to adapt the recommended number of steps according to your physical abilities, your personal goals and your lifestyle.

The main thing above all is to feel good about ourselves and maintain our health while fully enjoying our existence. Therefore, the main thing is to carry out an active and balanced life where walking naturally finds its place.

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