Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Abortion pill banned in Wyoming

Washington. Wyoming became the first state in the United States to ban the use of abortion pillsA new victory in the campaign to overturn abortion access by conservatively governed administrations.

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon, a Republican, called on lawmakers to step forward and include a complete ban on abortion in the state constitution and submit it to a vote by citizens.

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The decision comes as many opponents of the diagnostic procedure have called for a nationwide ban on the abortion pill, after the Supreme Court last year struck down the right to terminate pregnancy at the federal level.

A federal court ruling is also forthcoming in Amarillo, Texas, where a judge is expected to rule out a nationwide ban on the widely used abortion pill. The pill, mifepristone, was approved by the US drug regulatory agency, the FDA, more than a decade ago, and has been legally available on the market for years.

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Texas Judge Matthew Kaczmarik may order the abortion pill to be withdrawn from the market nationwide.

Texas lawmakers are also considering a proposal that would not only ban abortion pills, but also require Internet service providers in the state to block access to websites where abortion pills are sold by mail order .

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