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Abdominal pain means kidney theft

The woman who went to the fake doctor for stomach pain came under the guise of miscreants and both her kidneys got damaged. She has been fighting for her life in the ICU for eight months.

Abdominal pain means kidney theft

  • fake doctor stole two kidneys
  • Bihar woman in ICU for eight months

Patna, May 26: Miscreants lost both the kidneys of a woman who went to the doctor with stomach pain. She has been fighting for her life in the ICU for eight months. Sunita Devi, a poor Dalit woman from Mathurapur village of Muzaffarpur, Bihar, went to the local Shubhkant clinic on 3 September 2022 with abdominal pain. This clinic is run by a compounder named Pawan Kumar who is also a doctor.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Paswan, RK Singh and Pawan Kumar’s wife along with him operated for two and a half hours. He took 20 thousand rupees for the operation. Pawan Kumar later took Sunita to another hospital in Patna and fled. There she was taken to Patna Medical College and Hospital by spending 40 thousand rupees and when ultrasound was done, Sunita’s both kidneys did not come out. The doctors and family members were shocked and found that two of his kidneys had been stolen.

He demanded that the kidney of the accused be given to him

Sunita is undergoing dialysis with the help of the government. Her husband, who was supposed to be with her, showed his face. The thieves who stole the kidney have been arrested by the police. Police say that the kidney was not sold, it got rotten. Sunita wants Pawan Kumar’s kidney to be given to her to save her life. Recently, between 2011-2012, there were reports that 700 women’s uteruses were removed illegally in Bihar.

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