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A nightclub destroyed by flames in Spain: there are already 11 dead, the number continues to increase

Six people died on Sunday morning in a fire at a nightclub in Murcia, southeastern Spain, and four others were injured, emergency services announced on social media.

Le “decompte fait état de six morts”, selon les secaurs qui ont pu pénétrer dans le batiment situé dans le quartier d’Atalayas, à Murcie, après avoir été prévenus vers 6h du matin qu’un incendie s’était déclaré dans la boîte at night. The emergency services were able to enter the nightclub around ten in the morning “once the fire was extinguished”, and about forty minutes later they discovered four bodies and then two more. They specify that the toll could increase even more. There would be several additional victims, the toll now stands at 11 dead.

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Four people were also injured, two women aged 22 and 25 and two men aged 41 and 45 who suffered smoke inhalation. In addition, emergency services are searching for eight missing people from a group of friends who were celebrating their birthday at the venue.

According to photographs released by the emergency services, it is the “Teatre” nightclub, also called “Fonda Milagros”, whose window was devoured by flames. Photos show water hoses from fire trucks still spraying the blackened façade on a street overrun with emergency vehicles and thick smoke escaping from the nightclub’s roof.

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“The emergency services continue working to put out the fire at the Teatre de Atalayas nightclub,” the Murcia city council published in “X”, stating that they “deeply regret what happened” and offering “the deepest condolences to family and friends.” “I am truly sorry and I want to accompany the families of the victims of the fire this morning in Murcia in their pain. All my recognition and gratitude to the emergency services,” also commented the leader of the right Alberto Núñez Feijóo in the same social network.

nightclub fire in Spain

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