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A married man with kids left everything to live as a 6-year-old trans girl

For 46 years, Paul lived like an ordinary man, married and had seven children. However, he never really felt comfortable and At the same age he decided to declare himself as transgenderAccording to an interview for DailyXtra which is no longer available.

Her story takes place in Canada, but ends up traveling around the world, as she struggles to change her gender and her age because she doesn’t feel like an adult, but A 6 year old girl.

This time Stephanie Wolshut, As she is now called, she is 59 years old, but continues to identify as a girl, a change to which she is rejected until she is adopted by a couple who supported his decision.

he chose what he really wanted to be

Before they became Stephanie Wolshut, Paul was married for 23 years and it was his wife who gave him an ultimatum to stop being transSo he had to choose between his family or who he had always wanted to be.

For me, not being trans is not something I could just do. It would be like me saying stop measuring 1.80 or you’re leaving.”

After his confession, Stefani loses the customers she had as a mechanic and runs out of money. till he had to sleep in the shelter home His condition began to improve when he was “adopted” by a family that supports you. She also started her YouTube channel in 2011, where she has uploaded a documentary about herself and other content directed at mental health.

“I can’t deny that I was married. I can’t deny that I had kids. But I’ve moved on and I’m a girl again. I don’t want to be an adult yet. This is a fresh start. We have a quasi-family that we are building. And I’m allowed to be who I am,” he said in his interview.

Since telling her story, Stephanie Walsh has been the target of accusations and false publications on social networks, such as one circulating on Facebook indicating she went to school with 5-year-olds and was treated as such by Canada. as it is believed, so what If he touched or kissed a minor “his age”, they could do nothing with him.

But according to this publication,, it was just a hoax Well, Canadian authorities deny that an adult can accompany children to school and even in 2020 Wolshut clarified that he attends conferences at universities but not with minors.

Transgender people and gender dysphoria

being transgender is concerned gender identityBecause there are people who feel that the gender they were born with doesn’t match their gender identity or who they feel they are in.

According to Planned Parenthood, transgender people They can express their gender identity in many different ways, such as their Dress, behave, and gesture to live up to the gender they feel comfortable with.

This site connects that transgender people can experience gender dysphoriaA term used by psychologists and doctors to describe the tension, pain, anxiety, and unhappiness you can feel when your body and identity don’t match.

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