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A magnetic storm is coming? Here’s how to beat them: The remedies are easy and useful for everyone

Dark periods are a common problem with magnetic storms for a significant percentage of people. However, here we will comment on everything that is important for you to fight them. As well as for your plus, we will tell you with full validity a way to always understand in time when exactly magnetic storms will appear.

What percentage of the population is affected by magnetic storms and why?

Various studies suggest that about 46% of people are vulnerable to magnetic storms, and this number has been increasing lately. Not all of them know that personal malaise, increased nervousness, fragile sleep, physical weakness and melancholy, difficulty concentrating are caused or exacerbated by magnetic storms. Quite a few people experience various kinds of discomfort the day before the outbreak of a magnetic storm, and for others – in the eye of the storm.

However, there is good news – one can adapt and reduce their response to magnetic storms with very little effort if they develop sensible habits and appropriate coping strategies. The best part is that these habits are extremely useful and will affect your good health in such a way that you will always be in the right position not only when a magnetic storm starts, but also in everyday life and everyone will be interested in how you do it. maintain. , So here we’ll put together a short list of everything you need to know about magnetic storms and what strategies to use to fight them.

Do you know if you are weather sensitive?

If it turns out that magnetic storms have an effect on you, a suspicion arises that you are one of those people who suffer from increased sensitivity to the weather. Still, this shouldn’t worry you—in fact, one in two of the population is weather-sensitive.

What is the most special among them? A lot of research is being done on them. They arrive at the same result, which can be summarized as follows:

Weather-sensitive people experience various changes in mental outlook as well as physical discomfort when there is a sudden climate change. Change of seasons, excessive humidity or excessive dryness of the air, intense heat or unpleasant cold, solar eruptions affect them much more than others.

Weather-sensitive people are a little more sensitive than most others and their psyche is more sensitive. Sometimes they have pain in the joints or muscles with more severe periods. They often have trouble sleeping at night. It is also characterized by low work capacity, absenteeism and difficulty concentrating. A subjective feeling of shortness of breath is a common symptom.

Chronic diseases do not fare very well in people with severe weather sensitivity. For example, if you have high blood pressure, heart and neurological problems, hormonal imbalance – then the change in weather affects you negatively. Magnetic storms are a pain for hypotensives – people with low blood pressure; They may experience debilitating weakness, difficulty sleeping, and appetite problems during magnetic storms or other climatic extremes.

If you’re this personality type, there’s no time to worry: Here’s what experts recommend you do during magnetic storms.

Some tricks to reduce the effect of magnetic storm?

•Magnetic Storm Menu – Prepare the following items

What will happen on the plate during the days of magnetic storms and the days around them are extremely important for your tone. Food that supports body and soul is really enjoyable and beneficial. Actually it is suitable for every day and month, but if you can’t see it consistently, then at least on the days of magnetic storms, stick to the following foods.

Eat more and more fruits, vegetables and herbs. An extremely suitable option are raisins, apricots and baked apples. Bananas have a great effect on health due to the potassium content.

– Of pulses that you can prepare at home, now is the perfect time for beans and lentils. These pulses have a soothing effect during magnetic storm days.

– Bread: the better option is rye, as it is rich in vitamins of group B, which have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. However, forget about white bread, at least these days.

– Teas and Herbs: Our herbal pharmacy is always large, but here we will limit ourselves to the essentials. These are chamomile, rose hips, hawthorn, thyme, valerian, lemon balm. You can also make a boiling concoction of several herbs that have wonderful effects on health.

Breakfast is something you should not miss. Make something with buckwheat – it is extremely useful. If you do add milk to oatmeal, make sure it’s low-fat.

Be careful with meat, eat more fish.

• Most important habits to follow

During magnetic storms, you should get more rest. Whatever happens, get a good night’s sleep – at night, of course, and, if you have the opportunity, take an afternoon nap.

The main importance is to walk in the form of fresh air. If there’s a park nearby, or preferably an eco-trail, now is the best time to indulge in them. It is not very important that the walk be long, but 30 minutes of quiet peace will be enough for you. If you don’t feel like taking a walk and prefer to stay at home, a little exercise will do you more good and help you reduce the effects of magnetic storms. Mineral bath will also be beneficial for you.

Consume in moderation, or eliminate fried, fatty foods, starchy foods, alcohol. Cut down on cigarettes at least a little. Don’t eat too spicy and too salty food.

Avoid physical stress. Cut down on staying up late in front of the TV, computer and phone. Forget blue light devices before bed.

Half an aspirin tablet, as long as it doesn’t irritate your stomach, will go a long way in dealing with the magnetic storm problem.

You can incorporate contrast showers, alternating hot and cold water, into your hygiene habits as part of your daily self-care.

It is better if you reduce the intake of strong tea and coffee. Energy drinks are something you don’t need. Caffeine is notoriously not recommended during magnetic storms, as you hardly need the hype it causes.

Avoid making priority decisions and drive a car only when you cannot take public transport or walk.

Accurate Investigation – Safest place to consult

The fact is that social networks are full of reports of magnetic storms. Unfortunately, though, most are misleading. In fact, the truth is that there is only one approach with which you can accurately find out about storms – it is located on the NIMH page of the BAS. Right here

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