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A healthy child falls in the park, these are the beginning of a terrible diagnosis

While playing in her park with her babysitter on August 17, Reid Scanlon, a 5-year-old boy, fell. Then he started complaining of stomach pains and was taken to the emergency room. The nurses told the boy’s mother that he could be from the spleen. The tests were carried out at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital at the University Hospital of Wales. They led to a terrible diagnosis.

Although he appeared to be perfectly healthy, Reid was actually unsettling. a Wilms tumor, or nephroblastoma, the size of a grapefruit in his left kidney. On Thursday, August 24, a second bad news was announced to the child’s family. He this one had several small tumors in the right kidney. Which meant he had stage five Wilms tumor, where the tumors are in both kidneys.

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Alison, Reid’s mom, confided in wales online : « He appeared to be a very fit and healthy young man. He loves to play and be outdoors. He often fights with his older brothers. It’s really a blessing for us that Reid fell while playing in the park.. C.This caused minor internal bleeding from the tumor and revealed the tumor. If Reid hadn’t fallen, I think we would have known he had the tumor just because we could have seen it growing on his skin.« she said.

The 5 year old must now start. six weeks of treatment of chemotherapy. This also implies alternative treatment options. The goal is to reduce Reid’s tumors as much as possible to be able to operate on his kidneys. The mother explained: « The goal is to try to maintain some sort of kidney function for Reid. Because he obviously needs his kidneys.« . Alison also confessed that she was told that this disease could be related to genetics, but she does not lose hope and I want to keep a positive attitude. The boy’s family also released a kitten to support Reid in his fight. Good luck to this little guy who is already showing great strength.

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