Friday, September 29, 2023

A Dordogne restaurateur rants against chickens ordered but never paid

We order chickens that we never come to pick up: this restaurateur can’t take it anymore and expresses his discomfort on social networks. These repeated bad jokes are making financially saturate the establishment by Thierry Lopes, Flavors of Portugal in Sarlat.

“He’s fed up, whispers the restaurant owner, because I really feel like they’re making fun of us (sic). I can’t understand people who do this anymore. It’s hard for everyone So why make life even more difficult for others? Thierry Lopes has lived in Périgord Noir for five years.

10 to 15 unpaid chickens every week

He explains that the “joke” is done very regularly: “It happened the day before yesterday with four chickens, yesterday afternoon with one chicken, last week with six chickens.enumerates. We average between ten and fifteen chickens per week. When you do the math, it’s 45 to 60 chickens per month.”

And it ends up costing him dearly: “Do the math, at three, that’s it.” 1,800 euros of net losses.” Unless Thierry Lopes incurred expenses To prepare these chickens: “I pay taxes for it, gas, electricity, raw materials and also labor.”


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“Just to make them stop”

For the restaurateur, the authors of this bad taste joke have all the profiles: “There is everything. little young people who have fun because they piss each other off (sic). Older people, unhealthy people. Maybe even competitors? Something I really don’t expect.”

Thierry Lopes indicates that he published this rant on social networks in “I really hope they stop, that they simply regret their act and just never do it again.”. While he waits for the bad jokes to end, the restaurant owner no longer takes orders over the phone, through a hidden number. He also plans We will no longer accept all orders placed over the phone. and even prefers to use delivery apps, which carry additional costs. Even if it means losing customers.

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