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A Buckingham Palace Detente for Prince William’s Godmother and the Activist She Outraged


A prominent British royal aide who resigned from her role at Buckingham Palace after asking a Black British charity director where she “really” was from has called on the activist to apologise, according to a joint announcement released on Friday. Miley and resolved to learn from the incident. ,

Lady Susan Hussey, 83, who was long-time lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II and godmother to royal heir Prince William, met Nzoi Fulani, a British activist and chief executive of domestic abuse charity Sista Space, on Friday. Buckingham Palace, where he apologised.

Hussey pledged to be “grateful for and open to the opportunity to learn more about the issues in the region,” according to the statement, which added that Fulani ” had unfairly received the most appalling edge of abuse on social media.” and elsewhere. Fulani accepted the apology and said that “there was no malice.”

The controversy erupted after an event at Buckingham Palace last month to raise awareness of violence against women and girls. Fulani, one of about 300 guests at the event, later wrote on Twitter that he had “mixed feelings” about the event and described a conversation he had with a woman named “Lady SH” shortly after his arrival. did.

The woman asked several questions, the Fulani said, “What part of Africa are you from?” and “Where exactly do you come from?”

“I just stood on the edge of the room, smiled [and] The worker wrote on Twitter, talked to me until I couldn’t leave.

Mandu Reed, a leader of the Women’s Equality Party and a witness to the conversation, later told The Washington Post that it felt like “an interrogation”.

“It was question after question … It wasn’t fleeting, it was several minutes,” she said.

Buckingham Palace announced the next day that a member of the royal family had “stood down from his honorary role with immediate effect” after an investigation concluded that “unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments” had been made.

Although he was not named, it soon became clear who the member of the royal family was.

Hussey was a well-known royal fixture, having held an unpaid role since the 1960s. He was featured in the new season of “The Crown” on Netflix as a close friend and advisor to the Queen — a role he also played in real life. , earning the nickname “Number One Head Girl” and the official title “Woman of the Bedchamber”, which effectively meant she was the Queen’s right-hand woman.

His comments sparked a wave of criticism from the royal household, which has struggled with reports of racism in the past. But some people targeted Fulani for making the incident public.

Sista Space, which supports women of African and Caribbean heritage affected by domestic abuse and sexual assault, posted a statement to Instagram last week announcing that it had to “ensure the safety of our service users and our team.” Many of our operations will have to be temporarily closed for this.” ,

Fulani’s team and family faced “some appalling abuse via social media”, she said in a statement quoted by British media.

After their meeting on Friday, Fulani and Hussey said they would seek “peace to rebuild their lives in the wake of an extremely distressing period for both of them.”

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