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8 Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Dog Smell from a Home

In general, it is easy to identify people who share a home with a dog, because our doggie friends leave their scent everywhere in their environment. In fact, dogs are not able to groom themselves like cats and the smell that permeates your home can be persistent. Depending on the breed, size, weight, coat, physical activity and state of health of the dog, the odors it gives off are more or less significant.

If a sudden and strong odor prompts you to consult the veterinarian to rule out possible health problems, you should know that these dog odors are not inevitable. In fact, there are relatively simple solutions to limit or eliminate them. Here we leave you 4 preventive tips and 4 curative tips to achieve it!

Our 4 tips and tricks to prevent dog odors at home

To prevent and limit the effects of bad odors related to the presence of a dog at home, it is advisable to adopt certain good habits.

Tip #1: ventilate your house well

It is recommended to ventilate your home for at least ten minutes every day, in all seasons, to renew the ambient air and eliminate humidity. But when you have a dog under your roof, it is preferable to ventilate at least two or three times a day so that this change of air is more frequent and the dog’s odors are eliminated more effectively.

Tip #2: Clean your house regularly

Naturally, a dog leaves its scent in its environment, almost everywhere. All objects and furniture he touches absorb his odor, especially cloth surfaces. Regular cleaning helps remove hair from fabrics and more easily eliminate odors that settle on surfaces.

To do this, the principle is simple. The correct actions to take are the following.

  • Vacuum its interior at least twice a week to prevent hair buildup and limit odors.
  • Opt for a bagless vacuum cleaner and systematically empty what you have vacuumed to prevent odors from being released into the ambient air. If you have a model with a bag, regularly pour baking soda inside so that this miracle powder absorbs bad odors.
  • Don’t hesitate to mop your floors periodically to eliminate the odors left by your dog.
  • Thoroughly clean the fabrics your dog touches. Sofa, armchairs, cushions, sheets on your bed… wash them periodically to eliminate odors. Add white vinegar to your washing process to disinfect fabrics and remove smelly residue more effectively.
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Tip #3: clean up after the dog

Needless to say, your dog’s belongings and accessories take on his scent. That is why it is important to clean them periodically to prevent it from setting. Every day, wash your bowls thoroughly with dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. At least once a week wash your toys, cushions, blankets, etc. with white vinegar diluted in water to disinfect objects and eliminate odors. Remember to rinse well with clean water.

Tip #4: take care of your pet’s hygiene

To limit bad odors in dogs, it is essential to act from the source, taking care of your dog’s hygiene! To do this, here are our tips.

We wash our little companion regularly.

Unlike cats, dogs are not able to wash themselves. Therefore, it is up to you to take care of your personal hygiene. So be sure to brush him very regularly (at least three to five times a week) to remove dead hair, limit bad odors, stimulate blood microcirculation and thus contribute to the good health of his epidermis and coat, or even identify possible wounds, irritations. or parasitic invasions.

It is recommended to bathe your dog to maintain its coat, but it should not be abused so as not to alter the natural protective barrier of its epidermis. Ideally, the frequency of baths should be from one a month to one every three months. You can dilute a little white vinegar in your dog’s mild shampoo to better eliminate bad odors. Rest assured, its pungent and strong smell disappears very quickly after drying.

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Dry his coat carefully.

It is essential to dry your dog’s coat well after bathing, but also after a walk, because wet coat encourages bad “wet dog” odors. Dry your dog as soon as he gets wet with an ultra-absorbent towel. After bathing, feel free to use several and replace them once they are too wet for drying to be effective.

You can also complete the drying with a hair dryer, which is an accessory dedicated to dogs, or failing that, your hair dryer, which you will put at minimum power to avoid the risk of burns.

We take care of your dog’s teeth

Bad breath or halitosis are also unpleasant for the owner. When related to the presence of tartar, it is preferable to brush your pet’s teeth regularly to limit the risk of spreading bacteria and odors. At least twice a week, brush his teeth with toothpaste and a dog-safe toothbrush.

4 tips to eliminate dog odors at home

Prevention is a good thing, but nothing can really completely prevent dog odor when the animal lives at home. Below we give you some tips you can do to eliminate them when they are installed in the house.

Tip #5: natural products

There are natural, economical and safe products for the animal and the occupants of the home that are effective against canine odors. They should be preferred to chemical deodorants, which are toxic to the environment and the inhabitants of the house.

White vinegar

Simply mix 1 liter of warm water and 100 ml of white vinegar to clean and disinfect your surfaces, eliminating any bad odors that have settled there. With this low diffusion, the effectiveness is real, but the animal will not be bothered by the smell of the product, which will probably bother it.

Baking soda and lemon

In a saucepan, bring water, baking soda, and lemon peel and/or lemon juice to a boil. Let cool, pour into a spray bottle, and then spray the solution onto the surfaces to be deodorized.

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If your dog urinates on a prohibited surface, sprinkle some baking soda. However, he waits until your pet is away to prevent him from smelling or ingesting the dust and having digestive problems. Let it sit, because the baking soda will absorb the odors on its own. Vacuum up the dust with your vacuum cleaner after several hours of application (ideally overnight) and you’re done!


Very useful, clove is a natural deodorant, among its many talents. Plant a few cloves in a citrus tree and leave it in a container placed at home. This is enough to absorb bad odors.

Tip #6: candles and incense

You can light a scented candle to mask the odors your dog leaves in the house, or even some incense. An essential oil diffuser can also be effective, as long as you avoid scents that are toxic to dogs. Follow your veterinarian’s advice to limit the risks.

Tip #7: Carpet maintenance

Rugs are odor-absorbing furniture that dogs like to lie on. To prevent bad odors from becoming too strong, clean them regularly. It is best to put them in the washing machine from time to time to eliminate hair and odors.

If your carpets cannot withstand such cleaning, sprinkle a little baking soda from time to time and let it sit overnight, making sure your little companion cannot access it. The next day, vacuum up the dust with your vacuum cleaner and the effect is guaranteed!

Tip #8: Surface Protection

Dog odors reach everywhere, but it is not always possible or easy to wash all surfaces. If your dog likes to lie on your couch or armchairs, for example, don’t hesitate to protect him. Place a blanket or nice blanket over the seat and back that you can easily remove to wash in the washing machine.

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