Saturday, June 3, 2023

25 technology news briefed on the latest to start the morning

Android 13 It hasn’t reached most mobiles yet, but… It’s Already on Windows 11, PCs are ahead of the big smartphone brands. The world turned upside down

epic games she has accepted pay 520 million dollars for Violation of privacy of minorswhy Force the use of micropayments,

today at 18:00 hourstime in Spain, we invite you to our first live shopping, live, and with LG, we’ll show you offers and ideas for gifting this Christmas. Don’t forget it!

technical Bulletin

Now no message will be deleted even by mistake: This is the new feature of WhatsApp. read the news

Android 13 comes to Windows 11 before many mobiles, read the news

Epic agrees to pay $520 million for violating privacy of minors in Fortnite and forcing micropayments, read the news

Give the gift of technology this Christmas from HOY and LG Computers. Learn about our first Live Shopping! read the news


The new Chrome button to track prices is now available for Android. read the news

OnePlus 11 already has an official launch date: This is all we know, read the news

OnePlus 11 Pro design leaked, reveals return of alert slider

So you can see the date you started following someone on Instagram, read the news

Mobile phones on offer that will arrive before Christmas. check list

Vote in the ComputerHoy 2022 Awards: Finalists for Best Top-of-the-Range Smartphone. read the news

computers and tablets

These Are the 11 Best Extensions for Chrome of 2022, According to Google, read the news

WiFi router should never be installed at this place of the house, read the news


You won’t believe the most searched for in real time during the 25 years of Google’s life. read the news

Every Time Apple Has Surprised Us This 2022, read the news

10 Christmas Apps to Create Different Original Greetings from Around the World, check list

Entertainment & Gaming

Game of Thrones collides with strong British censorship. read the news

Netflix series Wednesday’s talk, human or robotic hands? read the news

Netflix series Wednesday's talk, human or robotic hands?

Vote in the ComputerHoy Awards 2022: Finalists for Best Gaming Team, read the news


Android Auto 8.6 is now available for everyone and here are the news, read the news

Android Auto updates to avoid for now. read the news

science and culture

Google achieves the impossible: an AI to understand doctors’ handwriting, read the news

What would happen if a needle traveling at the speed of light collided with Jupiter? (Video), read the news

What would happen if a needle traveling at the speed of light collided with Jupiter?

NASA’s Armageddon mission is a success: DART replaces Bruce Willis. read the news

Building cities on asteroids: Scientists say it could be possible. read the news

curiosities of the day

This is how AI cameras recognize objects and people. read the news

Citroën’s new vehicle is… a Roman chariot drawn by two horses. read the news

it has been Summary of Technology News of the Day, have a nice day!

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