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10,000 euros for early retirement, a bonus for joining a franchisee…: the unions reject these financial proposals from Delhaize

Delhaize’s main union, Setca, rejects Delhaize’s proposal. The 10,000 euros offered to workers who retire early do not satisfy Setca, which draws attention to the fact that here we are not talking about “early retirement“.”It is fundamentally different“, reacts Myriam Delmée, president of Setca. “An early pension costs Delhaize nothing. There is no supplement paid by the company, there is no notice payment” he adds, seeing it above all as a way to “get rid of the elderly.”This is nothing compared to the notice payment. Above all, this will help Delhaize resell its stores by telling shoppers that it does not have people over 60, since they will have eliminated them in the process.“, explains Myriam Delmée. And to remember the union priorities: “a social plan that allows all workers to leave the company with what corresponds to them, that is, their social obligations, at least their severance pay“.

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In short, for Setca, this bonus that “will affect 800 people out of 9200” is insufficient. The union demands measures both for workers who would like to stay when their store is franchised and for workers who would like to leave.

Setca also puts into perspective the sum of 40 million euros that Delhaize would put on the table with these proposals. “They are peanuts on the Delhaize scale and they are also peanuts for the people. Because what will be left of this gross premium?“, summarizes Myriam Delmée.

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Regarding the transition bonus for workers who join a franchise employer, it is for Setca,”sheep’s cousin“.”We tell people, if you behave well during the 13 weeks prior to franchising your store, if you do not go on strike, if you are not sick, if you are not absent, you will have a fixed bonus of 1645 euros + 125 euros per year of antiquity“explains Myriam Delmée.”We are very far from the sums of a social plan worthy of that name“she adds.

The socialist union, which has consulted its delegates, since the Delhaize leadership gave until September 21 to take a position, rejects these proposals.

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Another union, the CGSLB, also announced that its members, the Delhaize employees, had unanimously rejected the management proposal presented at the negotiating table on Friday.

On the part of the CNE we have not yet officially reacted. The Christian union has yet to consult its members.

Finally, the management of Delhaize, with whom our teams contacted, does not want to react at the moment to the unions’ responses to their proposals.

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